Craig Lorne Forrest was voted as the most famous soccer player of Canada. As a club player he spent his entire football career in England playing for various clubs. For close to 17 years he played as a goalkeeper. Chelsea, West Ham United and Ipswich Town were a few of the legendary clubs he was associated with. He was also the record holder for letting in the most number of goals in an English Premier league Match, when he was representing Ipswich Town.

Forrest made his international debut in the year 1987, when he played at the FIFA under-20 world cup representing Canada. No goalkeeper in the history of Canadian football had earned 56 caps which he did. He was instrumental in Canada winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup in the year 2000 before finally retiring from International Soccer in the year 2002. Amongst the notable international awards, Forrest was named as the most valuable Player and Goalkeeper in the CONCACAF Gold Cup in the year 2000. He was named as the Canadian international player of the year twice, in 1994 and 2000. He also featured in the list of All-Time Canada XI Football team prepared by The Canadian Soccer Association.

In the women’s category, Christine Margaret Sinclair, the Canadian forward is considered to be the most famous player in Canadian Women’s football. She had scored over 162 goals, next only to America’s Abby Wambach who scored a record 184 goals. She had played 4 FIFA Women’s world cup. Like, Craig Lorne Forrest, she too featured in the list of All-Time Canada XI Women’s Football team.

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