In Canada, there are many soccer TV channels. These TV channels air mostly Canadian soccer as well as other sports. Some examples include TVA Sports channel, the beIN Sports channel, and Univision Canada.

The TVA Sports channel

This channel is Canadian category C specialty channel streamed in the French language. This sports channel in Canada is primarily owned by the TVA group that is a subsidiary of the Quebecor media and is also publicly traded. It is a channel whose interest is mostly Canadian soccer. The TVA sports channel in Canada has only one competitor as the only soccer channel in the French language in Canada.

The TVA sports channel network covers Canadian soccer amongst other sports events. The TVA sports channel was launched in 2011 and is both aired in both high and standard definition. In 2017, the TVA sports channel obtained the French language rights to the major league soccer.

The beIN Sports channel

The beIN Sports channel is another soccer tv channel in Canada, and is a category B specialty channel that is exempt in the English language. This tv channel airs sports content on the international platform. It features and covers various leagues in soccer, and it also broadcasts different matches from other sports. The sports channel that airs soccer in Canada was launched in 2014. The beIN Sports channel features recorded as well as live soccer events from various competitions and leagues.

The Univision Canada

The Univision Canada is a Canadian Spanish language specialty channel in category B that airs soccer in Canada. It is owned by the relation network Inc. It broadcasts various programs as well as sports and soccer. The channel which was newly launched in 2007 is fully devoted to viewers of the Spanish origin, especially the young and the vibrant audiences.

By Artus