Canada has never been that successful when it comes to soccer as its neighbours down south. The real fact is that many people in the world do not even think that Canada has a soccer team in the first place. The soccer prowess of the South American countries has gobbled up the entire spotlight away from North America relegating them to spectator status.

Canada’s road to the 2018 showpiece began in the CONCACAF, which brings together North and central American teams together to fight out for the limited spots in football’s most famous competition. Canada found themselves among the 11 remaining CONCACAF teams who had to now be split into 3 groups for the semi-final stage. The top 2 teams in each group then got the chance to advance to the final round in 2017 from which 3 teams will qualify directly for the world cup while a fourth one battles it out in an Intercontinental playoff.

Canada had its hopes high this time around after a very poor showing last time out. But all this came tumbling down once again when they got eliminated in the 4th round after they finished 3rd behind Mexico and Honduras who proceeded on to the next round leaving Canada to again wait for another chance for the next world which will be another 4 years away. As it stands the 6 teams from the region battling it out for a berth at the showpiece are Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, USA, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago.

Mexico is widely expected to stroll to the world cup without any hurdles as well as USA. The test will now be left to the other 4 who will have to battle it out for the last remaining direct qualifying spot. These matches are expected to be settled before the end of the current year.

By Artus